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Release of more KM artefacts including Terminal Letters from Summer 1959 and Summer 1968 (the last term for the schoool), along with some more School Calendars (1959, 60-62), advice to parents and the programme for one of the school plays (?1961)

Denise Rawlins, the wife of the Aassistant Headmaster, Mike Rawlins died today. She lived in or near Petersfield for many years


Now with complete set of KM Terminal Letters 1959-67 (courtesy of Richard Wall)


Terminal letters from 1965 and 1967 and miscellaneous School Calendars added courtesy of Earl Howe (Erick Curzon)

A further reunion dinner is being planned for 20th April 2018 at Boodle’s, London


Reunion dinner planned for 25th April 2014 a Leander Club, Henley



Miss Phillips (Wendy Cardell), matron 1962-68 died on 16/3/2013. Updated various deaths +/- links to obituaries


Jane Barrett died at home on 4th December 2008. A memorial service is to be held in St Catherine's Church, Criccieth at 2 pm on Sunday 25th January 2009. Any donations to the Marie Curie Foundation.


Terminal letters from 1945-1947 now on line - (contributed by James Cramsie). Accessed from half way down the school home page


Obituary for Henry Osmaston (died 2006)


School list and calendars from 1960 and 1961 (contributed by Joe Carr)


Now with 230 Old Boys definitely traced


John de Courcy (later Lord Kingsale) - to KM 1950-54
died on 15th Sept 2005. Click here for the Daily Telegraph obituary
(sadly he never responded to any letters that we sent to him)


I am sorry to write that John Silberrad (1938) died on the 9th September 2005


I am sorry to write that Lord Keyes (RGB Keyes - to KM in 1928) died suddenly today


Kindly provided by James Cramsie:-

Terminal Letter Summer 1944 (Bideford)
Terminal Letter Winter 1946


The 2nd Reunion dinner has had to be postponed - possibly until Easter 2005: Further details


A 2nd Reunion Dinner is planned for Friday 24th September 2004 - but see above


A dedication service for the King's Mead School Memorial Garden was held on Saturday 22nd May 2004, following which Ann Hubbard (nee Sandeman) provide refreshments at her home
Further details


Photographs of the new memorial garden


A memorial obelisk and memorial garden have now been established in a corner of the original King's Mead site. Photos to follow soon


The school and chapel buildings were demolished last month. Efforts are being made to transport the chapel memorial sills to Norfolk for safe keeping following Peter Bowles' kind offer.

A memorial stone to the school and for those who died in World War II is being made and will be planted in a small garden on the KM site near to where the chapel stood.

Link to an obituary to Broderick Chinnery-Haldane (1912-1996) added


Terminal Letter Summer 1964 courtesy of Nigel Slater


The King's Mead site is now being demolished. A memorial garden will be left behind in a spot close to the chapel
The programme and cast for Emil and the Detectives, 1966 (courtesy of Nigel Slater)
The Easter 1966 school calendar (courtesy of Nigel Slater)


Football team of 1955 ........ South Down Hunt........IVA classroom..... (all courtesy of Peter Bowles)


Delays in planning permission to redevelop the KM site:-
Sussex Express article ...... Sussex Express editorial

King's Mead shooting prowess: 1924, 1928, 1947-1951


210 Old Boys now traced and still alive


Public inquiry into the refusal of planning permission for the earlier application
LW/02/1914 (as a result of an appeal by Barratts)


Books about life at King's Mead


Seaford Gazette article (2/4/03) about local resistance to renewed planning application


Notice of planning application for redevelopment of the site 


Photos of the Connaught Shield, a Commonwealth/Empire scouts' shooting trophy won by the King's Mead troop in 1929 and 1934


The last KM School calendar, Summer 1968


1960 Terminal Report (Andrew Thomson being brave enough to submit his)


Obituaries for Lord Westbury (Hon David Bethell)
and Viscount Allendale (Hon Wentworth Beaumont)


Cricket team of 1956 (courtesy of Robert Mackenzie)


200 Old Boys and 9 former members of staff contacted


Shooting VIII 1928, winners of the St George's Shield
List of schools that King's Mead boys subsequently went on to


Obituaries for Peter Beck, Tim Rathbone and the Earl of Limerick can also be accessed from the bottom of the school home page


Football team of 1930 (courtey of Geoffrey Pollitt)


1927 Photo of Villiers and both Pollitt brothers


Films seen at King's Mead in the 1950s and 1960s


Football 1953, Programme for Sports Day 1953
Programmes for Christmas plays 1951 and (?)1953


Seaford Gazette article about chapel windows presentation


Seaford Gazette reports on local protest at planning application to build on King's Mead site


The chapel windows now in the Seaford Museum


Girls at King's Mead!!
Team photos for Shooting 1951, Football 1959 &1967, Rugby 1968, Boxing 1961& 1962/?3, Cricket 1968 (also accessible on the post-1950 sports photographs page)


Application for planning permission to develop the King's Mead site into 24 houses. Details of a dedicated area for a memorial to KM and those who died in the war are under acive discussion. Peter Ingram has written to the Lewes Council representing the concerns of KM Old Boys.


King's Mead cheque and cheque book added to the memorabilia site


Green Cup Winners

Names of winners of tennis, swimming, boxing, gym, shooting and fives cups can now be accessed through the sports photos page


KM School calendar Easter 1960 ............KM School calendar Easter 1963
KM School calendar Summer 1964..........Winning Plumer Cup target Dec 1962


Dining room photos
Dormitory photos
Main hall fireplace

'Sick Wing' photos
1926 chapel photos
More current chapel photos


Garden chairs donated by leavers and others


Photos of George Pollitt in 1925


Order of Service of Thanksgiving for Peter Barrett
and an account of the day by Peter Bowles with photographs
John Hissey (to KM 1937) having recently won the Maxwell Cup


190 Old Boys and 10 former members of staff contacted


Photos of 1911, 1916, 1918 cricket teams, and 1923 Patrol Leaders


"The Thief Unmasked" (1929) programme
Photograph of Geoffrey Pollitt (to KM 1926-31) reclaiming his chapel chair
Photograph of the Littlington White Horse
Photograph of 1960 Boxing medals (added into web page with other post 1950 sports photos)


"Toad of Toad Hall" programme, 1956
"Whatever Happened to George" programme, 1962


Photographs dating from 1925/26 from the album of Claude Allenby


Peter Barrett, Headmaster 1951-1968, died today. A thanksgiving service will be held at St. Catherine's Church, Criccieth, Gwynd on Thursday September 5th at 2.30pm


The King's Mead School Hymn as sung by the choir of St Faith's at Ash prep school
Father's Day Cricket match 1963 score card
Photo of 1962 Cricket team


Clothing Lists 1959
"Toad of Toad Hall" programme 1962
Letter from Jane Barrett to mothers of new boys


Photos of 1963 Cricket, and1964 Rugby teams
Long overdue additions to acknowledgements

180 Old Boys and over 8 former members of staff contacted


Photos of Cricket 1960, Football 1960, Rugby 1961 and a pile of School Reports


The school and chapel change hands. Now owned by Sun Line Properties, Brighton

Photograph of 2 King's Mead hymn books retrieved from the chapel


KM Reunion dinner: 63 Old Boys, staff and guests met at the Army & Navy Club, London for an excellent reunion dinner. It is likely that another will be held in 2 years' time.
Attendance list and Photographs


160 Old Boys and over 8 former members of staff contacted


Peter Beck (Master before World War II - died 17th May 2002): Obituary from the Times


150 Old Boys and over 8 former members of staff contacted


Impending sale of King's Mead School buildings


Reunion on 21st June 2002


We are planning a London reunion dinner in June 2002. Dates to be confirmed.


140 Old Boys and over 8 former members of staff contacted


Report from English Heritage turning down the application for listing the chapel

Article in the Argus (Eastbourne edition) 13/2/02


130 Old Boys and over 8 former members of staff contacted


Article in the Sussex Express


Application for 'spot' listing of the school chapel received by Department of Culture and passed to English Heritage for consideration


Third article in Brighton Argus following a second press release by Norman Baker, MP


School building now emptied of nursing home residents and locked/boarded up.


100 Old Boys contacted


Second article in Brighton Argus


80 Old Boys contacted


Over 60 Old Boys contacted


Norman Baker MP receives a response from Westminster Healthcare indicating that they are aware of the sensitivity of the war memorials and that they are considering many options with respect to the chapel and its contents and also concerning the Nursing Home, for which cooperative plans with local Government are being considered


Article in Brighton Argus


Item on BBC Southeast TV news. BBC relate that Westminster Healthcare are also considering selling to a developer as an option


Article in Sussex Express


Over 50 Old Boys now contacted


Norman Baker, Local MP, writes to Westminster Healthcare and issues a press release about his concern for the chapel


Peter Ingram and Erick Curzon (Earl Howe) met with the local MP, Norman Baker, who expressed interest and offered to write to Westminster Healthcare. He did this a few days later.


Structural Survey of the school chapel by Westminster Healthcare


Letter from Westminster Healthcare to the Seaford Town Council


Letter from Seaford Town Council to Anne Hubbard


Letters from Seaford Town Council to Westminster Healthcare and from the Seaford Museum to Jane Barrett


Ann Hubbard spent 45 minutes with the Chairman of Seaford Town Council, who was very interested in the turn of events and intends to discuss the fate of the school building and chapel with the local MP, Norman Baker.


Visit to the school (now called St Mary's House).

It was apparently refurbished 4-5 years ago. The wooden panels in the dining room were removed and some placed in the attic (above the 'sick-wing'). Some I couldn't get at but those that I saw related mostly to 1920-30. Also some relating to prize winners (swimming, shooting etc). The chapel is in considerable disrepair - even to someone who knows nothing about surveying. Woodworm is evident. The wooden beams running the length of the building are now supported with scaffolding. A lot of mould around the altar. The wooden chairs are all there, most donated in 1920-30s but some with names familiar to me (Gill, Sowerby, Arbuthnot + others). The spine of the roof seems to be sagging in the middle. The swimming pool is still there albeit full with garden rubbish. The tennis courts and boating pond now have houses on them as do the playing fields.

I understand that the plan is to try to empty the school building of residents by end October and then to pull it down. Their objective is to rebuild a home that complies with current legislation but no plans as yet exist. The manager, who was kind enough to show me round, made much of wanting to preserve things, with items being stored in the Seaford Musem, until they could be reincorporated in the new building. She was keen to find as many people as possible who wanted to keep things that had their name or that of their families. She was keen to offer use of the library for any sort of reunion before it all came down.

Michael Rawlins' house is still there and is still called Boundary House.


Article in Seaford Gazette about prospects for the school chapel





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