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King's Mead School was opened as a boys' preparatory school in 1914 when the purpose built school buildings were completed. As such they are probably the only remaining example of their type built in the first part of the 20th Century. Over 890 boys went to the school before it closed down and merged with another school near East Grinstead. This web site is dedicated to the boys and staff of the school, for the vast majority of whom they were very happy days.



The School

The Chapel



List of those Old Boys already traced and still living
(215 as at 28/12/21)

News and recent updates to the web site
(last updated 9/5/20) 

Video (by Charles Toop) of a return visit to the school building whilst it was being used as St Mary's Nursing Home in July 1997

 Books which make mention of King's Mead School





Peter Barrett, Headmaster of King's Mead 1951-1968,
died peacefully on the 17th August 2002.

Order of Service of Thanksgiving (5th Sept 2002) and an account of the service by Peter Bowles with photographs

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