Books containing descriptions of personalities and of life
at King's Mead School


Memorable Encounters
by Sir John Nott (2018)

"a sketch of 20 people that I knew in my career including Powell, Thatcher, Hurd, Heseltine and Nigel Farage including Ted Hughes , Martin Rees , Bramall and Admiral Lewin" .. "with a whole chapter about Douglas Shilcock and King's Mead during the war in Devon and later in Seaford"
Here Today, Gone Tomorrow: Memoirs of an Errant Politician 
by John Nott

(Hardcover - 412 pages (22 March, 2002):
Politico's Publishing; ISBN: 1842750305)
The Remarkable Michael Reeves: His Short and Tragic Life 

by John B. Murray

(Front cover)

(Paperback - 360 pages (15 August, 2002, 2nd Edition Summer 2004):
Cinematics Publishing; ISBN: 0951179314)
Michael Reeves (British Film Directors) 
by Benjamin Halligan

(Paperback - 272 pages (15 August, 2003):
Manchester University Press; ISBN: 0719063515)

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(about Michael Reeves)


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