Michael Reeves (KM 1952-1957)


Michael Reeves developed an early interest in the cinema and later became something of a cult film director, his masterpiece being Witchfinder General. Sadly he died prematurely in 1969. Two authors, Ben Halligan and John B Murray, have been working separately on biographies of Michael concentrating on different aspects of his life.

John Murray's book came out in mid 2002 and now has a second edition:-

(The Remarkable Michael Reeves: His Short Tragic Life: 2nd Edition, Summer 2004).

Ben Halligan's book (Michael Reeves) was published in August 2003.

Ben Halligan has already approached and spoken with many of Michael's contemporaries and friends. John Murray would very much like to do so. They may be contacted as follows

Ben Halligan: B.Halligan@yorksj.ac.uk

John Murray: estoril@btopenworld.com


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