King's Mead Christmas 2021 Quiz

(Set by Erick Curzon, Earl Howe)

Perhaps inevitably this quiz relates to the post-Shilcock era King's Mead, predominantly 1958-1966

Answer all questions: answers to be submitted (to no later than 5th January 2022.

Standard examination rules apply: Entrants are not expected to have access to the web site!


1.     In the front hall of KM there was an item of equipment containing paper and ink. What was it? (5)

2.     In the 1950s and 60s there were at least two carpentry masters at the school. Name one of them. (5) (Bonus 5 if you can name two.)

3.     Which old boy(s) presented the sun-shaped clock that hung above the library fireplace? (3)

4.     What colour were the choir robes at KM (2 marks) and why (3 marks)?

5.     What was the name of the Barretts’ a) black and white cat; b) small fluffy Pyrenean mountain dog? (4 total)

6.     What was the name of the school doctor? (4)

7.     Name four of the patrols. (1 mark each)

8.     To what school was Paul Holme appointed as headmaster when he left KM in 1961? (5)

9.     What was the name of the KM dancing mistress? (5) (For a bonus 5 points, what was the final ritual of each dancing lesson and what particularly did the teacher say at that point that she did not wish to see?)

10. What were the names of the two shooting cups at KM? (5 marks: one name is not enough!)

11. Two masters died during the period 1959-64. Name one of them. (5)

12. Name or describe three types of confectionery, apart from a Mars bar and a Milky Way, that it was possible to purchase at the school shop. (2 marks each)

13. The following are the first letters of films shown at KM on Saturday evenings. What were the films?

a)    A a C g t M; b) T b o t R P; c) G; d) C A (one mark each but 3 out of 4 earns five marks; two bonus marks for 4 out of 4)

14. The KM Common Entrance history notes contained some well-worn and (in time) parroted phrases. About which events/people were these phrases in the notes used? a) “He did not mean it….”  b) “He died in 901.” c) “Protestants and Catholics were still enemies.” d) “There were not enough people left to bury the dead.” (2 marks each)

15. Name any two of the following KM parents: (a) a star of the Carry-On films; (b) a disc jockey; (c) a celebrated film director; (d) the monarch of an African state; (e) the monarch of an Asian country. (5) (Bonus 2 if you can name three; another bonus 2 if you can name the wife of (c)).

16. KM dormitories were named after famous British figures. Name three of them (apart from Baden-Powell). (2 marks each)

17. Mr Welchman had a list of essential French vocabulary which every boy had to learn. What was this list known as? (5)

18.  What was the name of either: the chapel organist who died in 1959; or the organist who played in chapel on a Saturday in the 1960s? (5)

19. What prep school was situated in Rottingdean and what was inferior about its playing fields? (5) (For a bonus 5: what was the name of its headmaster?)

     20. What hymn (not the school hymn) was traditionally sung during the last chapel service of the summer term? (5)

(Possible score: 100, excluding bonus points)

Note for guidance:

a mark of 45 scrapes you into Millfield;

55 eases you comfortably into Stowe;

60 is a shoe-in for Rugby or Marlborough;

65 is an absolute cinch for Eton or Harrow;

70 or above gets you a scholarship to the school of your choice, plus a ticket to the next Pig’s Paradise.)



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