King's Mead School Green Cup winners

  (dating from roughly 1918 onwards)

JC Cooper HR Cornell RAP Scott
AJC Rose PJS Mackay NM Bannerman
A Selbie S Rothery IM McAlpine
H Heyworth EC Skepper ML Reeves
EC Beck RE Wadsworth T Carr
AD Coplestone JR Cornell CNM James
MHK Knox-Haggie D de Selincourt BA McAlpine
CMC Henderson JA Yewdall MDD Duckham
EDL Chatfield RJ Bostock MW Gill
HS Lee ME Buckley MR O'Neill
AF Verney CNG Hicks CRH Maxwell
HA Verney JHPSB Lewis RCL Scott
JFR Weir RB Skepper JDL Sandelson
Hon EDG Davies CL Wilson JJB Hill
EG Reynard MGL Whiteley    

The Green Cup was awarded to the most popular boy in the school as voted by his fellows

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