Local concern about and action concerning the Chapel

Seaford Gazette 8/8/2001
Sussex Express 2/11/2001
The Argus 5/11/2001

Correspondence relating to the Chapel

Letter to the Lewes Council (16/10/02) raising concerns about
the recent planning application for development of the King's Mead site

Local protest at Seaford Town Council meeting 

  New notice of planning application
for redevelopment of the site (March 2003) 

Public inquiry into the refusal for
planning permission for the earlier application (LW/02/1914)
(as a result of an appeal by Barratts) - April 2003

  The Lewes Council met on 11th June 2003 to consider the planning application to redevelop
the King's Mead site. A decision was deferred in part due to the fact that there were so many
new members (many from Seaford) but also because they wanted to consider highway
and access issues.

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