King's Mead School Hymn.

(Click to hear the hymn being sung by St Faith's at Ash prep school)

Lord, we Thy children kneel, Thy praise confessing
Unmeet, unmade our journey scarce begun:
When we go hence, we pray that by Thy blessing
We may be mindful of our days here done.

Plant in each heart the love of all things living,
Of man-made Art and Nature's Larger lore:
Teach us the joy of giving and forgiving
And conquest over self for evermore.

Give us to love this dear land we inherit
For her to draw the true and tempered blade:
Honour and Truth and things of proven merit
Be ours to follow, glad and unafraid.

Preserve us, Lord, from aught that may befall us,
In war's dread circumstance, of rack or pain,
And in the fullness of Thy time recall us
To peace and plenitude of life again

And when the night falls and life's brief day closing,
Our tired hands salute the westering sun,
On Thee our last, as our first, hopes reposing,
Lord, keep us mindful of these dear days done.

Words by AW Black (Classics master)


Music by HF Watling (King's Mead school organist)
Original score
Arrangement by Earl Howe

Click to hear the hymn being sung by St Faith's at Ash primary school

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