There are memorials in the Chapel to the following Old Boys who fell in the War 1939-1945

where possible, links have been given to individual commemorative pages on the Commonwealth War Graves Commission memorial site -

Michael H Agnew
Sir Robert D Arbuthnot
Paul F Bassett-Wilson MC
John O H Beamish
The Hon Patrick H S D Butler
Anthony D Coplestone
John Currie
John Dearden
Richard Dorrien Smith
Algie Dorrien Smith
Peter Fortescue, Viscount Ebrington
Peter E Eldridge
Grevil C Elliott
Ian H B England
Edward David, Viscount Fincastle
Richard Hudswell Gill
Nigel Graham
Sir Arthur L Grant
Dudley Greenwood
Roderick Hall

David H A Kemble MC
Geoffrey C T Keyes VC MC
Derek MacCaw
Hamish (JA) Macdonald
William Mackintosh
Denis C Pearson
Freddie F Pepper
Michael E Ryan
Christopher E W Robins
David R Sladen
John A Somerset
William E Spooner
RL Stephenson*
Thomas M Tew
John A Tinne
The Hon Hugh Trenchard
Anthony A Vickers
Patrick I Watson Parker
Derek P Watson Parker
Tom P Walsh
Peter Whaley

*The memorial stones give RM Stephenson, but I believe these are the correct initials

These names are now engraved on a memorial stone in the King's Mead Memorial Garden, which is found at one corner of the original King's Mead site.

There are also also plaques in the Chapel commemorating:-

Richard Howard-Johnston (died with loss of all hands in the submarine HMS Affray in the Channel in 1951)

John Shilcock (died of wounds in Mesopotamia in 1915)

Constance Brewer
Arthur R Brewer (father of Constance)
Arthur McDonough Chapman (1874-1933)
Christopher Collan Morcom (KM 1922-1925) died 1930
Douglas Shilcock (1892-1966) Headmaster for 33 years
Horace Watling (Organist from 1934 until his death in 1959)

Transcript of letter from Douglas Shilcock to a sister of PR Hall

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