King's Mead School: e-mail addresses (last updated 6/10/23)

(however, many, by now, will sadly be out of date 6/10/23)

(note:- '@' has been changed throughout to ' at ' to inhibit 'email plundering')'


Stephen Alexander (1954) (Stephen.Alexander at
Peter Arbuthnot (1959)
(pgarbuthnot at
James Birdwood (1963)
(james.bta at
Martin Bostock (1943)
John Bowden (1963)
(gumtree at
Peter Bowles (1952)
(MuckleHill at
Richard Campling (1952)
(richardrc at
Boonyarid Chullasapya (1968)
(chullas at
Frank Cundell (1956)
(frank at
Erick Curzon (Earl Howe) (1959)
(HoweF at
Julian Fitzherbert (1965)
(j.fitzherbert at
Mike Gill (1958)
(mgilm1 at
Robert Gibbs (1962)
(bob at
Richard Grievson (1959)
(richardg at
Martin Gwynne (1950)
(riverview at
Alastair Hill (1962)
(alistair at
Julian Hill (1961)
(jhill at
Euan Houstoun (1956)
(gensamh at
Peter Ingram (1958)
(Peter.Ingram at
Christopher James (1954)
(cjames at
John James (1960)
(jjames4827 at
Peter Kerruish (1957)
(PKerruish at
Stephen Kerruish (1959)
(sckerruish at
Paul Kingsley (1957)
(paul at
Ian Landon-Smith (1950)
(iansmith at ).......
Robert Mackenzie (1952)
(robert at
David Maxwell (1959)
(dlmaxwell at
Michael Olliff-Lee (1957)
(olliff.lee at
Jeffrey Rawlins (1963)
(rawlins at
John Rickatson-Hatt (John Hatt) (1955)
(john at
Ian Robertson (1936) (ianrobertson
Ronald Robinson (1941)
(ronrob at
Mark Sandelson (1966)
Peter Scaramanga (1966)
(scaramanga at
David (Goodwin) Self (1961)
(davidgoodwinself at
Ian Steel (1952)
(ians at
Richard Steel (1954)
(richard.steel2 at Shellim (1963) (m.shellim at
Adrian Tilston (1962)
(Adrian at
Charles Toop (1958)
(charles at
Christopher Tubbs (1952)
(christubbs at
Richard Wall (1959)
(Richard.Wall at )

Richard Westlake (1960) (westlakenz at



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