King's Mead Mastermind (2001)

The winning prize of tea for two and guided tour at the House of Lords, courtesy of Earl Howe went to

Pre-1950s winner: Henry Osmaston


Post-1950s winner: Stephen Kerruish

The Answers

Q1. What used to happen during tea on Sundays but not on other days?

A1. Sweets were distributed.

Q2. What was the name of the steep wooded track on the South Downs near Bishopstone about half a mile behind KM?

A2. Jacob's Ladder.

Q3. What was the name given to the feast which took place in the dining room just before the end of the Christmas term?

A3. Pigs' Paradise. (Vive la compagnie and all that)

Q4. What was unusual about the creed in KM chapel services?

A4. The congregation turned to face away from the altar. The chapel was built with the altar facing west

Q5. What contrasting types of recognition were awarded to a KM boy for a) good and b) bad work or behaviour, respectively?

A5. Golds and blacks.

Q6. In which dormitories did new boys sleep when they came to KM? (Two possible answers, marks for each one)

A6. Baden-Powell and Scott

Q7. What animal was to be found in the private garden?

A7. There are several possible answers. The animal to be found in the private garden and nowhere else was a tortoise, or to be accurate, two tortoises, named Potter and Peel. However other answers such as Tibetan Mountain dog (Pipkin) or boxer (Paul Holme's dog, Butley) were accepted. Animals present during the Shilcock era (e.g. exotic breeds of duck) were also allowed as correct.

Q8. Each KM boy was a member of one of seven patrols. Name three of the seven.

A. The seven were: Bulls, Lions, Tigers, Otters, Owls, Panthers and Ravens

Q9. For many years a number of other prep schools were located in Seaford. Name four of them.

A. Possible answers include: St. Peter's, St. Wilfrid's, Ladycross, Stoke House, Newlands, Chesterton and Tyttenhanger. However over 40 schools have been recorded in Seaford between 1850 and 1970!

Q10. What was the KM expression for a visit to the lavatory?

A. Going to the Times - or - Times please Sir!

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