The Game of Freda

Seaforde Variant

As played at Seaforde House, Seaforde, Co Down on a billiard table

Generally, if a player loses a life, he/she must restart the game (not the next player in turn). If, however, the player has exhausted all his/her lives, the next in turn must restart.

Seaforde Rule 4. The player must have at least one foot placed on the ground whilst reaching for or handling the white ball and that foot is not allowed to move until the ball is released. It is, however, permissible to rotate the foot to obtain a better throwing position. If the player moves both feet when reaching for or in contact with the white ball, that player will lose a 'life'.The white ball may be handled as often as necessary, but the player must be seen to try to hit the red ball with the white ball. If the red ball is missed, the player can move again.

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Updated 27th April 2003